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Thursday, January 10, 2008

a relaxing evening

salur air kat dapur kitorang (connected to the sink) dah tersumbat almost 2 week (is it?). Very troublesome as we can't use the sink and need to use the bathroom sink. Pinggan mangkuk tak terbasuh jgn cakapla... ;p.
Neway, after days of being frustated by this condition, tadi aku amek langkah guna batang mop tok jolok salur air tuh (quite deep. sebelom ni ada nak try guna hanger tp xberjaya T^T). dok kaut mende2 ape yg bley block dia (the smell...ugh...). and result???? yatta!!our kitchen sink can function as per normal!

celeb by making shepherd pie =)


makan ngan sos+pepper sket

and we(with wawa help) also make these mini pizza'z

Petang tadi hujan lebat kat sni. Piping hot food+hot cup of teh susu(by the barrista~in~practice wawa ;p)...arashi talk...couldn't be any better xD

(ehh...i always post bout food neh? food=passion. Though i haf to admit, i suck at Malaysian lauk pauk T^T. sardin jelaaa ;p)


w a w a said...

haha...barrista~in~practice?? is it a compliment??? hehe..baguih laaa ko suka msk2 least idok ler kuasa aku jd b~i~p ko...nway..thanx for da tea-time giler!!! len kali, wat gravy lak eh??

abeming said...

nak mini pizza 1...heheh

circleinspoon said...

op course...dats a compliment =).
yeah! next time kita wat gravy black pepper. waaah~~~drool~~~ xp

nah. gamba jela tapi. haha xD