Circleinspoon's !LOVE

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


i wanna be there sooooo baaad

i'm bored to pieces.
bored from listening to arashi songs all the time *WHAAAATTT???!?!!!! XDD*
bored enough to raid thru my mp3's searching for anything worth listening (right now listening to goong OST. it's good)
and i miss tey
right now trying to get my life back.
it's been off course for a while now.
aya-chan gambarre!!! p(^o^)q

i wanna grow old together and still be in love


ف wildchild ۞ said...

dah dapat bf ke? tak khabaq pon. hehe

circleinspoon said...

uish...senghaaal ajer soklan tuh

rosealley said...

ape boring2 nehhhhh, ceria2kan hidupmu,haha, nak nengok cite jepun baru??aku ade donlod zettai kareshi ngan gokusen 3,hoho, cam iklan laks;p

circleinspoon said...

aku pn ada dw kekkon dekinai otoko. tapi ep last takda subs. haha

rosealley said...

gokusen 3 tuh boleyla ilangkan boring, tp zettai kareshi tuh besstt