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Sunday, June 08, 2008

akihamende YEAH!!!

you know i've been dying to get my hands on akihamende again.
been searching high and low for it.
watched it before at Singapore TV.
was it tv6 or tv12 then? i dont remember much. what i can recall is that it have norika fujiwara in it. and i've never realize there's NINO in it!!! i can't forgive my chibi self for not knowing the then chibi NINO (T^T)
neway, i've found it!!! akihamende!!! at arashianfiles ^^ (yikes!i can't help if my arashi life is intruding my real life blog in this month of June)

ooohhhh *squishsquish*


ف wildchild ۞ said...

if 'm not mistaken, biasanya next to park is longkang.

circleinspoon said...

@fa to park is padang bola