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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

nino's birthday

happy 25th birthday to nino.
hope you'll stay as snarky and bratty as you are right now ;D

~happy birthday to youuu~

this pic were actually taken by wawa. it's her order. cold soba.(just to show you how awesome is the clarity of this pic XD)


noname said...

sape nino? knp wawa ada skali? XP

circleinspoon said...

nino tuh laki aku yg ditinggalkan d jepon

noname said...


w a w a said...

nape aku tk bleh ada skali ke?? huhu~~

cold soba (sho's fave) + misia's song; everything at the back (matsujun) + nino's birthday celebration = complete mood of being a fangirl

btol2 rs cm celebrate with those dorky boys XDDDD

im sooooooooo enjoyed mlm 2~ thnx finally bwk aku mkn gk~