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Monday, June 02, 2008

someone close? XDDD

i wanna introduce you all to someone.

minna, this is nino.
he'll be my icon starting today.
why? cos i just WUUUBBBBB this guy!!! *squishsquish*

EDIIIITTT!!! No wonder my nino senses been working in an overdrive. it's his birthday this month! on the 17! it's a celebration everyday till the day itself \(^^)/


ف wildchild ۞ said...

aku! ko tak nak jadikan aku sebagai ikon ko? hehe

circleinspoon said...

kau?! pehal lak????

rosealley said...

hisshh, budak mane nihh, xensemmmnyerr;p

hahaaa, konpem kene fire jap g

circleinspoon said...