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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

keeping up with the harshness of life

This is the first time that I was frustrated with my salary.
I was never one who live for money.
Money is just something that I need to help me pass by the days.
And this month salary is the first time I felt WTH am I still doing here?
You work days and night.
There's a short of manpower which left you with a lot of things to cover.
You haven't even finish this one work before another one was dumped on you.
The moment you read those sum, the weight of everything crumbled on top of you.

i drew this the moment i get the slip. at least it can make me smile?

On the other side, you tell yourself that at least you still have a job, alhamdulillah.
At least you have money for food, for shelter, for transport, for keeping up with life.
Moment like this makes me thankful that I'm not married/have kids.


noname said...

emm same here.. dgn keje bertimbun.. yg lpas xdpt dh kekne handle bnda baru.. xckup dgn tu kena backup keje people yg resign.. plus with the poor leadership of my upper people.. reckless job assignation.. xbg arahan atau dateline tau2 dh dkat dateline dtg tnye apa progress.. WTF.. Ya Allah..

tp.. even if u have kids and husban/wife.. even if u didn't draw something on u'r payslip.. u still could smile.. even more.. with them.. (^ ^).. depends on situation though XP

-- jom ke datoooo'!! XD

circleinspoon said...

gila tol suma nih.delegation of task mmg berterabor habisss

yeke???depends if i'm happy with them right?

this month xda openingla.
this week famili aku datang anta adik aku ke uitm, next week mebbe department trip/outing, the next week kenduri kat jb, the next next week lagih plak dah nak dekat month end, banyak kije.
dato' on hold first

w a w a said...

sometimes somehow, at least dlm stress yg mahamegatension, that word tetiba MEMANG pasti leh wat tersenyum kn ^^;

noname said...

haha xkesah..

yup.. the "depends" is referring to a person.. they(kids n families) suppose to bring us happiness though.. n we suppose to live in a happy life.. but.. when there's a happiness there's always a partner with it.. sorrow n sad.. even if we live in harshness n unsatisfied life.. no no.. not unsatified actually.. lets call it less happiness life.. just take it as an ordeal towards us..

"when there's a dark cloud upon you.. there's always a sun behind it to bright your life.. even brighter.. "