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Thursday, August 14, 2008

W660i white

ahhh...interested in getting one...
and jelesss(uhuks) ada org tuh beli hp baru~~~~
mari~mari~mengumpul duit
picture credits to dailymobile

the specifications --> here! <--


ف wildchild ۞ said...

get k530i. lagi murah.. then flash ke w660. u'll get all the *ware u want..

ps: hardware k530 dan w660 is same.

circleinspoon said...

excuse me for my ignorance, but apekemacamnyer nak flash ke w660 tuh???

are sure on this~~~~

kalo buat tak jadik, ko blanja aku tepon lain

ف wildchild ۞ said...

here babeh

aku ok je. tapi kalo tak jadi, aku blanje ko hp lain dan ko blanje aku N82. thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

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