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Sunday, September 28, 2008


mebbe my last post before raya hiatus ^^

sabtu lepas g carik brooch and butang bajuk tok semua.
sekali aku terbeli nih gak plaaaak....

dibeli ngan rega RM15. heh...aku amatlah susah nak beli jewelry. cos i dont wear one and dont really like them. some more rings[adab memakai cincin]...they're quite special aren't they? the last ring i have before is a jade ring. and its been ages. but i'm captured by this! it really fits my taste ;D

the only jewelry design/designer that i follow is krikawa. this is an example of a krikawa design that i likey.

what really special about krikawa is that they offers mokume-gane rings. and this is my fave design ebarrr... it's actually a wedding band designed for men, but also great for women! it'll stay on my wishlist till the day i've collect enough for one (^^,)


noname said...

huhuu nk ke?? nikahla cepat2 XD

circleinspoon said...

haha...tak kuasa aku nak mintak nih. rega mahal giler. buat hutang sesaje