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Monday, November 03, 2008

have you ever shed a tear for your country?

was reading something which hurts. really hurts.

aku penah cakap kat sini how we as malaysia could've been really great.
but where are we right now? nowhere near what we could've been.
aku tak suka bila political people keep saying that "we're good, we're not affected by the economic wave, we're this we're that" bila sebenarnya its not like dat. why can't people be honest around this country? tak boleh ke kita cakap yg "yes, we may/will be affected by this economic wave, but the gov have recognize the steps that we as a country should take together to overcome this". is it so hard to admit that we have flaws and that we should work together? dont lie to people too much. they'll lose their confidence in you. you and your hunger for money and power.

i stand by my opinion. that there was never any differences set for people of different races. what differ us is our belief. you can expect me to say that, yes, i do think that us malays shouldn't have bumi status. malays aren't even bumi's in the first place. are we? aren't the original bumi's are the orang asli ? that without the benefit we'll be more competitive. we'll step up to the challenges risen. we'll be tougher. that is if we take it in a positive light. maybe i'm not one to say this after reaping bumi's benefits all these years...and i don't even know what i'm doing here in the gov. i see things which i don't even approve here...

i hate the fact that more and more malay youngster are getting involve in racing,dadah, lepak'ing...don't you know that the country's economy are in the hands of other people? we can be one of them too. it's time for us to step up. for me to step up. gather my act. face the harsh truth of reality.


Mariam Ibrahim said...

sbnrnya aku sendri dah tak ingat dan tak pasti aku ada nangis utk negara atau tak. Bagus sbb ko ada kesedaran mcm ni, tp klu ko sorg je tak cukup. even 10 000 org pun tak cukup.

circleinspoon said...

takpa, sikit2 pun ok than nothing at all rite ^^