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Monday, November 17, 2008


have you ever wonder what exactly is wasabi?
it's actually a vegetable! it's a japanese horseradish. ianya tumbuh below ground.

what it looks like in real life. it's expensive stuff people...
grate it

then eat it (^^,)

or brush ur teeth using it...kidding! when sold, it usually comes in 2 condition: paste (as pic) or powder

some of its benefits are:
(1) sebagai anti-biotic/anti-parasit. Raw fish could be the source of parasites and bacteria, that's y digalakkan makan ngan wasabi supaya elak food poisoning.
(2) halang blood clot
(3) prevent tooth decay
(4) support detoxification
(5) reduce cancer risk by immune system to discard mutagenic cells. apeke ntah maksudnya
(6) effective against asthma

i LOOOVEEE wasabi peas. tq to tey for introducing it to me!

dan...kalau aku makan kat sushi king...


moar wasabi

and moaaaarrrrrr XD!!! (comparison between wawa's and my wasabi intake)
#however, wasabi yang slalu kita makan kat kdai sushi tuh bukannya wasabi yg sebenar. it more of a combination of: horseradish, mustard, a starchy binder, and coloring
#resources: here, here, and here


rosealley said...

i laaaikee wasabiii, but not as much as u does;p

zealios said...

lol...ko baru tau kat kedai2 sushi tu bukan wasabi yang tulen XD wasabi yang tulen warna nyer mmg giler hijau. Huhu..aku xpenah rasa lg..xjumpa.

circleinspoon said...

i laaiiike moooaaarrr

hukhuk...nak rasa gak yg original....nih kene g jepang nih. haha