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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Where do I stand?

where am i?
what i'm going to do with my life?

to tell the truth, I never knew whether I wanted to continue my current work.

It's something that's been bothering me since the first day I started this job. I've had hunches about it from the first time I got the news. I had even asked whether is it possible if I didn't take it (remember what I've told before about following that voice at the back of my head?) Seriously, I've never think of being at the top of the ladder. Pretty much comfortable being under the radar, under other people guidance. Being carefree despite the many turmoils and trouble that one's venture while working in manufacturing. Let's just say that private and public sector is so very different, the shock is as if jumping under a freezing shower. The work ethic is different. Public sector is more laidback. Seems like at times I can't even see what's the output? Sorry to say, I'm one of those people who really tries to work at work (tapi kekadang tak jugak..heh). It's not that you can't kid with each other, play games at work, chat with each other...just do it during early morning before work hour starts?break time? lunch? after work? I believe most of the things that I pick up that makes me as I am today are from my school days in JB. The ethics instilled in SIGS and SADOY is what I am. And after working for a Jap company for almost 2 years, I can't stand not working during work. Please, don't think I'm 'goyang kaki' at office now. Oh nooo...lots of work. But as I said, sometimes I just can't see the output of it... Can't imagine myself here for the next 25 years...

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noname said...

driving without direction n end point sure is tiring isn't it? -sigh- kinda understand da blues u feeling.. tsk..

circleinspoon said...

tiring. yes.
sakit kapla. yes.
manyak susah hati. yes.

Mariam Ibrahim said...

buatla smbhyg istikharah, ko akan puas dan redha dgn ketentuanNya.
aku kat dpli ukm skrg ni.

circleinspoon said...

itulaaah yg aku takot nak wat

ceh, dekat je ngan umah aku. dtangla makan2. kau ar masak