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Monday, September 07, 2009

fangirl on the prowl

Aku ada banyak benda nak updates/give thought on, but for now it's just about these two things.

soo proud of these guys. It's their second week on the top spot of the United World Chart [check it out here] with their All The Best (1999-2009) album. Aku tak beli pun album nih sebab MAHAL beb... tight budget. the original plan was for me to go to Jap this yr and catch a con. However, no way that's going to happen. Schedule aku dah penuh till october. And then in nov I may be on hiatus for half a yr. wish me luck!

there was a special season 2 premier sceening at BFI London on the 6th of Sept. there was a Q&A session too!. everyone looks so adorkable ;p. can't wait for the new season to air on Malaysian TV ^^. the real s2 screening will be on the 19th Sept at BBC. That's like the night before raya. Camana aku nak download sambil kacau rendang???? ;DDD.

picture credit to ameseynrose

in life, u change. u evolve.
i do too. these past few years, after starting work, I've become more open/loose.
though I'm still quite a private person.
i believe to appreciate differences more.
and just like those two things above that may makes people rolls their eyes,
I just don't give a damn anymore (well,after a mild bashing inside ;p). people's are entitled to their own opinion.

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