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Saturday, September 12, 2009

therapy at Corus Hotel

hari nih aleng ada xm IELTS.
Kol 7 pagi ktrg kuar umah nak ke Corus Hotel kat Jln Ampang sana.
Nih aku blogging dr sana. tgh tunggu dia abes xm. Ngantoook (~.~)

tpt makan. cam menarik aje breakfast spread dia

ahh..the candidates. tgh beratur nak masuk tpt xm

this is me checking out my newly updated entry from aleng's iphone on site ;D

sambil2 tu aku tgh carik orang kat fb.
tapi...kalo ada org yg korang xknal add korang (even though we have a mutual friend) ,then what should you do?
add or ignore?

I revel in close knit frens. But then again, it should be fun meeting new ones ^^.
though..aku lagih banyak di sini dari di sana rasanya.
General things I can post there. However I adore blogging more.
If you realize, as much as possible, I'll try not to link/connect my real name to my blog name.
People here are usually the people that I know and know who I am (I do welcome people who have stumble upon this blog. it is public! ;D ).
Here I can write as per what I'm thinking (taklah banyak pn) and it's relaxing. call it "circleinspoon's blohging therapy" (^o^).
So, I thank you all who have take the time off to come here and read my rants. love you alllll ;DDD


ف wildchild ۞ said...

lol. that's also why ف wildchild ۞ and Fa Wildchild in fb :p

circleinspoon said...

fb tuh rasmi punya. sebab ada org opis aku skali dalam tuh. heh