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Monday, March 28, 2011

THE NY Times Choc Chip Cookie

Sebenarnya semalam sementara menunggu kek dalam oven, tu aku tlh prepare dough choc chip cookie.

It's the NY Times Chocolate Chip cookies which I've read about for so many times.
There's all these people saying that these are the BEST choc chip EVER!
After preparing the batch, we have to rest the batch in the refrigerator for 24hr to 36 hr.

Hari ni balik keje baru aku bakar sikit..and it is DELICIOUS.
Dip it in a cold glass of milk...OMG
Right now finishing baking the whole batch.
The house just have the heavenly smell of baked choc chip cookie wafting thru~~~~

the dough

hasilnya. heavenly~

:: EDIT 11.46PM ::



ummihasan said...

Yaaaa... aku nak se.. se jah.. huhu..
eh.. eh.. welcome back aya.. lama ko tak ngupdate blog, hehe.

circleinspoon said...

yo. I'm back!