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Saturday, April 09, 2011

The new MPH Alamanda

I could spend hours in a bookstore.
So today we stopover by the newly revamped MPH at Alamanda.
It have a HUUGE! section for kids&pre-teens.
Rows of books. There's roald dahl's and dr.seuss's! gorgeous stuff

row of Artemis Fowl books. new cover design. you knew I love them!

and new cover for Harry Potter's books too

nice one ha..a photo collage of 50's-60's malay movies

turns out it's Amir Muhammad's book. just flipping through...

and then after the's KRR time! korang, aku lama tak gi makan luar ni tau...sayang duit! tapi kali ni sebab nak celeb mah fren getting maried, so...

it's mangan time!

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