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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chicken Soup and Rice

OMG so simple yet so good.
I love to make chicken soup. You can add some extra water and save the broth for future usage. You can toss in you fave veggies. You can use it to create different dishes.

This time, I'm making chicken soup with rice.
I'll share the chicken soup and rice (yes, rice. weird right) 'how-to' later.
FYI, I made the chicken soup last Saturday. Save the leftover in the refrigerator.
To use it today, I just set it in the pot on slow simmer and add more carrots.

Chicken Soup and Rice

1. Extract the chicken from your soup. We will briefly stir-fry it just to add a kick to the dish
2. Put you best pan on the stove. Pour a bit of oil. I'm using extra-virgin olive oil. Seriously, just try it. It have a different taste than the usual palm oil. Sprinkle some salt and pepper. Toss it around for a bit. The chicken is already cooked from the soup right? We just need it to be a bit brown and have those lovely crunchiness.
3. Prepare some sambal kicap (kicap+chilli)
4. Time to assemble the dish. Put a bit of rice, your chicken, pour some soup and finally the chillies.

Walla! time to eat! What say you?


rosealley said...

oh my aya!selalu selalu la update psl simple food n recipe ni tau!sangat2 berguna kat aku, heee, thanx!

circleinspoon said...

heh...akan ku coba sedaya upaya! ;p