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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

BBQ Chicken

Itching to try some new recipe.
I've been reviewing the Martha Stewart's Barbecued Chicken recipe.
Here's my spin on it. Enjoy!

BBQ Chicken

1. Mix: 2 tablespoon of ketchup/tomato sauce + 2 tablespoon of cili kisar + 2 tablespoon of brown sugar + a pinch of salt
2. Smother the chicken thoroughly with a few spoonful of mix(1). Save some for next2 steps
3. Lightly heat the pan with 2/3 tablespoon of olive oil. Time to cook the chickens! Briefly stir-fried it for 10-15 minutes until lightly golden. Remove from pan.

it'll look like this!

4. Now, we need to move the chickens into the oven. If possible, use one of those Vision/Corningware bowl/pots that can be use in the oven. But if you're a cheapskate like me can find just as nice Borcam bowl (with the same functionality!) for less than RM50 at Jusco (on 10% sale right now!). I just loove their bowls.

5. Add the rest of the mix in the bowl. Mix it all together~ Put in oven on 150-180'c for 20-25 minutes

on their way to the oven

6. Done! Can be eaten together with rice or just by itself. Super yummy!

It's my first time doing this. There's still room for improvement. Just make it work for your tastebud. Time to experiment!

Today's dinner: tomyam sayur & BBQ Chicken


lina said...

sedaapnyeeeeeeeeee... drooling ;p

circleinspoon said...

sangat menjilat rasa nak wat lagi