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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Veggie-loaded Black Pepper Bihun

By now you should know I'm like a food freak.
Under normal circumstances which there are options, I'll probably pick skipping lunch for just fruits than going out to a not-so-sure halal restaurant/fast food (breakfast and dinner is a MUST though).

This year I've tried to eat good meals. Meals that are made from scratch. I'd prefer to know what's inside my food. Though it's really hard to walk away from fast food....especially Dominoes Pizza and McD (T.T) . Whenever I'm feeling lazy and knowing that the drive-through is just a few minutes away, I'll just ask myself again "do you need to spend that RM10-15 on burgers for just one meal? You've got ingredients in the fridge and could always try to whip up something! It won't take too long". aaand POOF! goes the urge for BigMac. Though I have to say, I do succumb to the urge once/twice in a month.heh

Today I'm going to share this super simple recipe.
Overall time taken =15-20 minutes

Veggie-loaded Black Pepper Bihun

1. One onion, cut into half. Put one part into the blender with 3/4 cili padi and 1 tbsp black pepper seeds. Blend for a few minutes. Thinly slice the other half.
2. Prepare the wok, medium heat. Grease the wok with some olive/vegetable oil.
3. Pour the blended ingredients from (1). Add some salt. Add the other half of onion here.
4. Add some more water. Wait till boiling 2/3 minutes. If you want to add chicken, it can be added at this point.
5. Add chopped carrots. Wait 2/3 minutes. Add tomatoes.
6. Put in the bihun/rice vermicelli. I'm using the one below. Just one bihun for a person.

7. Stir for 3/4 minutes till bihun cooked
8. Add long cabbage and spring onion. It won't take long to cook. 1-2 minutes should do it.
9. Done! Can be eaten with spicy chilli kicap or just like that.


clavriene said...

nom nom nom sedap2!!! nnti aku nak try gune mee suah la!

circleinspoon said...

mana nak dapat mee suah weh? apobondanya mee suah itu??? mystery. Weh cikgu,cuba check sikit ayat/grammar aku tu mana yang salah kena betulkan

clavriene said...

huhuhu betul la tu..ko kan terer buatpe la nk tanye aku ngehehehehehe

circleinspoon said...

aku?aku tgk tv pun baca subtitles aje.haha. ko kan professional. weh, jadik sambung belajar tak? dapat mana? aku xjadik pindah. dok umah sekarang je ni

xavizect said...

wah dah pandai masak mcm2..akan bahagia la nnt sang suami!