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Saturday, September 17, 2011

THE Big Bad Wolf is baack!

Tak sabarnya aku!
Big Bad Wolf book sales is a delicious treat! which I've never tasted!sad!
I was introduced to BBW a few years back by my sis.
They always have it at Amcorp Mall,PJ. And as my sister work at PJ, she would go and haul lots of books which later I'll kidnap from her.
BBW sells books at 75-95% discounts. With prices as low as RM8. New books too.
Check out the website here.

Last year the BBW was held at South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan.
That's my territory! but then, I've missed the news on that event.

This year, it's going to be held at MAEPS, Serdang.
Man...I'm excited beyond words!
From the 7th October 2011 till the 16th October 2011.
I'm planning to go on the 8th October 2011 (saturday).
Gonna be the first one in line!

So, with just three weeks to go, I'm going to start preparing by:
1. Recce the area. Find out where the heck is Hall A, find the best parking spot, search all the entry points to the building/MAEPS
2. Start searching for books which I HAVE to buy, start reading reviews for ALL book genre. Start making a list!
3. Simpan and spare duit gaji! as the Cash payment line is much faster than the Cash&Credit Card line, I'm preparing to bring around 2-3 hundreds (with spare). Expected number of books to buy:at least 20
4. Find a suitable bag. As you browse, you'll be given an empty carboard box. But, you can still bring your own suitcase luggage/grocery bag/holdall bag etc. I'm thinking of using my large Ikea bag.

If you love books, you don't want to miss this.
See you there!

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