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Thursday, October 06, 2011

berapa ringgit?

If you know me, you'll probably realise how I uses the question "berapa ringgit" to ask the price of ANYthing. Either it's something waaay expensive or something cheap. And without failed, everytime I throw that question, I've been repeatedly mocked/scorned/laughed at. And I'm not going to change my way of using that question because I want to see who will actually look at my question the way I do.

So I ask you, what is Malaysia's currency?
Isn't it Ringgit Malaysia (RM) or as we usually called it Ringgit/Hinggit?
If I ask you "berapa ringgit" an item is, isn't that I'm asking you the price of the item in Ringgit Malaysia? I do not want to know the item's price in dollar, baht or rupiah. I just want to know the price in Ringgit Malaysia. Whether it's RM50, RM5000 or RM5000000, the worth is still in Ringgit. RM5000 (lima ribu ringgit malaysia) does not have the same value of USD5000 (lima ribu us dollar).

To me, this is a very small example of how people have this preconception in their mind that the question "berapa ringgit?" is only used for the pricing of a cheap item. And if it's that hard to change people's mind about this small preconception, then how challenging do you think it'll be to change the conception that people already have in their mind on multitude of issues/topics?In example religion, race, phobia etc

So. what say you?

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noname said...

same here.. n klau rs harga tu xbaloi dengan barang aku sinis n giggles kejap ;P