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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Breaking Dawn's A Thousand Year

Christina Perri's A Thousand Year, an official Breaking Dawn soundtrack is out.
There's two version of the music video. One is the official music video one with scenes from BD Part1 while the other one is the official lyric video.

Check out the cool lyric video below and the mv here.

The problem with this song is the line "I have died everyday waiting for you". Subconciously, it's sending a wrong message out. Why should I die waiting for someone? It's not worth it. More on this analysis later.

Ok, back to the twilight saga, I've never actually got caught in the frenzy. Watched the first movie and it's pace is too slow for me while the books never intrigue me as the fonts are too small.hah! I don't have a problem with the hype, but what's up with the twihaters? Why so much hate?

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