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Thursday, March 01, 2012

My car is a non-smoking area

A lot of negative message yeah, but I'm on a roll here. Let me be.

I don't mind that the major car service is so expensive that I have to save and scrape, till collected enough money for it.
I don't mind that during the service they told me that I have to do another expensive major service when they found some faults with my car.
I'm holding it in when the worker there gets a little too "friendly" that I wanna shove them.
But I AM pissed off when my car smelt of cigarette smoke after the service.
My "unspoilt by any car-fragrances for 3 years" car.
Wah, that one I cannot tolerate. What make you think you have the right to smoke in that little area of mine? Did I gave you permission?

The truth is, I don't have any problem with smokers. What you wanna do with your body is your own business. So if I've scolded you and nothing improve, then I can't push anymore. But I can't tolerate people smoking in non-smoking area, and especially people smoking with children and women around. It's as if you have no respect for them. Drown as much in smoke as you want, but don't drag others to drown with you too.

just FYI, the number of smokers in both side of my immediate family (including pakcik/makcik/sepupu families) can be counted on one hand.


Mary Paul said...

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noname said...

yeargh! btw, service mana tu yg buat cmtu?