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Saturday, February 25, 2006

What I adore…

- Watching my niece n nephew grew up
- Night walk
- Beach. Never knew how people could stays in the room when they can take long, relaxing, wonderful walk at the beach
- Sunset
- Sunrise
- Sleep
- A hot mug of milo
- A cool glass of fresh orange juice
- Peel oranges
- Mountains
- Skies
- Sea
- Stars
- National geographic
- Japanese drama
- Scenic photography
- Sky juice
- Hot pizza
- Watching people in a crowded place
- Downloading files from the internet
- Ice cream at night
- Curling up with a book on a rainy day
- Window seat
- A walk at a green, quiet place
- Old, slow-paced town
- Cleaning a dirty place
- Detached myself from the real world with my mp3 player
- Baking
- Challenging books
- Taking pictures of other people
- Old houses
- Going to the movies

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F a said...

apsal lame dah tak tulis blog? tdo sepanjang hari ka?