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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My complaint to Domino's

Real complaint yg aku bagi kat Domino's pizza. Baru ajer submit nih:

Dear Domino's,

I just called your call center. Not to order sate, but to order pizza.

First time calling from my home. I usually called from the office.
So, your people ask me my detail etc etc...
Then you asked for my address.
I live in a flat.

Block? A
Level? 2
Unit? 16
Jalan? I don't have a jalan
"our deliverymen can't send orders without jalan. Find your jalan name, then call us back"

owow, I really don't have a jalan.

All of my TM, Streamyx, bank statement, wedding invitation, needed post, unwanted post are sent here:
A2-02-16, Flat Sri Kenari, Kg. Bukit Angkat, 43000, Kajang Selangor.

Maybe it is hard for your deliveryman to find my place without jalan. But then again, I think that the Kajang Domino's should know my address. It's very straight forward from the kajang town.

I pity you because you just lost a customer (well, tonight anyway, I just can't resist you pizza! However, if I am more pissed that I am right now, I may make a decision to never order your pizza ever again. Bad me)

And so, I made a conclusion, you'd better reconsider the 'jalan' thing. Not all address got jalan (or is it just me? and the few thousands in these flats too la). Good for me,I didn't use any money, and also no added calories tonight.

Keep up with the fantastic pizza.
Work more on the service (I've also encountered rude deliverymen before).

Hopefully you'll consider my comment.

You've got my address-without-jalan. then don't forget to send me a raya haji wish next month =).

Till then(hopefully there won't be any)


f a wildchild said...

"Good for me,I didn't use any money, and also no added calories tonight."
haha. ayat kecik ati siot..

circleinspoon said...

mmg..bangun dgn kelaparan tau

noname said...

alahai kesiannye ko.. tp budak dimino's mana yg dgr rintihan ko.. XD

Yazid said...

mungkin budak damino kena belajar dari pakcik posmen, baru dia tau ko punya umah

circleinspoon said...

xpe. nak terus complaint gak! sampaila dominos bagi baucer free ke. hehe

tu la..kene amk kursus kat pos mesia

Yazid said...

cara lain pihak damino's amik pakcik-pakcik posmen dah pencen. mesti tak masalah macam ini lagi

circleinspoon said...

xleh, nanti pakcik tuh xlarat nak pecut. aku nak pizza tuh sampai cepat. tapi...kalo sampai lambat pn ok gak, bley dapat baucer satu lagi pizza free. hehehe. bagus2

noname said...

hahahah free ya XD

circleinspoon said...

knape? nak bagi ke?

فيصل said...

peh.. lancarnya english ko.. aku blaja gak bahse inggeris yang lancar dari ko nih..

circleinspoon said...

uish..grammar tunggang tebalik tuh

abeming said...

grammar tunggang terbalik la best...ala mat salleh sendiri pon grammar tunggang terbalik...yang penting vocab.