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Friday, December 07, 2007

mari tgk enchanted

hari nih balik keje g tgk wayang jap ngan tey. padahal esok keje nih. hehe... we watched Enchanted. and may i just say that it's a really~romantic~movie.
bukan slalu aku wat movie review nih(ni kira review ker?). only for those that i recommend.
seriously, the whole story is all about true love(and also not to forget the evil queen plot to kill the girl.haha)
it's the kind of movie that when you left the cinema, you feel fluffy, warm, tingly, happy (^o^).
A true blue romantic movie.
maybe not the guys kind of movie...but you should go see it. it's wonderful (for me it is =) ).
Definitely making its way to my fave-movie-to-watch-when-you-need-some-happiness-a-bit-of-fluff-and-lots-of-love list ;p.

uuu...great ballroom scene! accompanied by Jon McLaughlin singing 'So Close'. great song.
ah tidak!!!aku nak g tgk lagih!!! =)

[Download So Close]


noname said...

my fave-movie-to-watch-when-you-need-some-happiness-a-bit-of-fluff-and-lots-of-love list

.. lafaz dlm satu nafas tuh.. hebat2.. XP

circleinspoon said...

tima kaseh =) hehe

noname said...

dh tgk!! mmg waarm~~ hmhmm~ (^^)

circleinspoon said... kannnnn ;p

rosealley said...

ceh, aku xcaye no-name leh wat dalam 1 nafas**muka sangsi**

enchanted memang best!!aku addicted ngan lagu die, citer die, but have never seen that movie twice like orang 2 la kan, haha