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Sunday, January 27, 2008

another birthday coming up

aaa.....lamanya dah xupdate blog~~~~~
xda ceritera besh... ;D

sabtu g support user sampai kol 2 gitu(gambar nih diambil waktu tgh jalan nak g carpark). then g mines bli external hdisk *cough*400G*cough*a.m.n.o.s*cough* xp


combi of sugar+milk+salt+yeast. ~~sugoii~~

the before

yatta~~~ptg tadi wat roti manis+kismis+chocchip.

malam plak wat choc chip cookies as an early birthday gift to tey! (choc chip cookie+milk~~~is the best!)

happy 24th birthday to miss tey siam joo!!! (on the 2nd of February 2008). best wishes to you!!! (sambil mewarna sambil layan arashi AAA Dome concert. kyaaaaaaa~~~~~~)


rosealley said...

choc chip cookies while watching estranged with d mcdrummie...

alangkah indahhhh

noname said...

400Giggg???!!! ('O')

snorlax~~~~ said...

wow~~~~ thanks 4 ur cOoKieS ~~~~

circleinspoon said...


hehe...gile kan??? ;p

no hal lah. it's a birthday gift to a birthday girl. happy becoming birthday!!!

shah said...

kyaaa^^^^^ ??