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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

what a month

i'll be engaged from 13.02.08 till 17.02.08.
and won't be open for appointment for those five days.
thank you.


i've actually known about this few month back, but totally forgotten...
they are filming X-FILES The Movie 2 right now!!!!
*run amok*
please.i can't wait to get my hands(and eyes!!!) on anything new from the ULTIMATE television series ever made (well, at least to me xD)
ooohhhh....i love you chris carter!!!


*i'm trying to catch as many fly as i can using a pair of chopstick ^^ (from below KiapKiap Hong Leong bank ad)*


ف wildchild ۞ said...

lamenye ko bertunang ;p

...and i love u too gillian anderson ;)

circleinspoon said...

lama ek ^^

i wuf you too scully~~~~~

ف wildchild ۞ said...

me? tak ke?

circleinspoon said...


rosealley said...


circleinspoon said...

engaged as in engaged with other things...not DAT engaged..

- j o h a r i - said...

wat2 x phm..

Yazid Husain said...

n-gage bila. baru balik dari tgk orang kawen turus n-gage

فيصل said...

wah? tunang? n-gage?

circleinspoon said...


@yazid & faisal
bukan engaged nak kahwin lagilaaa. sesedap ati perasaan sungguh korang nih ^o^

abeming said...

abis tu...engaged ape?aku pun ingat yang tu...huhu

- j o h a r i - said...

btul btul btul..
aku pon igt yg tu
ni dah bape hb ni
honeymoon dah ke?