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Sunday, February 24, 2008

ricoh caplio

i've always wanted to buy a Ricoh Caplio R-series camera. for almost a year, been pining for a ricoh.hehe ^^

the latest one is R7. As much as i wanted to grab this, I'm still waiting for the price to go down a bit... maybe i'll wait for an R8 to go out, then R7's price will surely go down! yay!!! ^^
tempted as i am to grab R6, the price difference is only around 250++. i should hold on to R7.
don't know why, caplio is not as famous as it's competitors (cybershot,lumix,ixus,powershot,coolpix), it's a shame...really!!!the cam is fantastic! can't wait for mine!

i'm selling my cybershot dsc-p200. the cam is ok. but the pic is not! once snapped, there are a few black spots on the picture! need to lelong it - to those who can accept its flaw.

and yeah, i am not one to buy a slr/dslr. i know some of you who does...good for you...
as much as i love photography, i don't need the hassle of a big cam (is it a wonder dat i've been snapping pics using my hp cam all these while???heh...)
i just need one dat i can stash in my bag or in my pockets. that's all ;>


abeming said...

halamak lawonya camera ni...ngalahkan ixus 75 haku....jeles jeles...huhu

noname said...

wuuu~~ bru tau kewujudan cam nih.. 250++??
is it rm250.00 n plus plus or
rm2500 n plus2 ?? XP

kena view nih CAPLIO~ XD

circleinspoon said...

punyala lawa ixus75 tuh.... iskhiskhiskh
patotnya aku yg jeles. aku beli pun belom.hoho

it's cool ya?
R6 sekarang around 766.
R7 around 1050.
difference between: more or less 250

- j o h a r i - said...
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- j o h a r i - said...

* typing error

alang2 nk beli
beli la dua
bleh bagi kitaorg kt teratak 42
nnti bleh amik gmbr byk2
ok x?

Yazid Husain said...

angkat new camera.
nasihat beli kamera berdasarkan lens dia mcm lens canon,lens nikkor, lens carl-ziess, lens olympus

abeming said...

uwaaaaaa...2 3 hr ni sume org ckp aku gedik...termasuk ko aya...isk isk isk...hehehe...lawa dan lebih murah dr ixus 75 ekceli...=)

Anonymous said...

mmm.. aku masih setia with camera aku skrg...

link aku kt blog ko salah r

ف wildchild ۞ said...

pakai camera hp je..

circleinspoon said...

bahnyak chanteek kau...
cube bagi aku alasan kukuh sket kenapa aku kene bagi koreng cam free???

wokehh chekkgu =)

mari mari bersama-sama menggelar kau gehdiks. haha xD
aku tau...ixus kau tuh mahal bangat

good for you! cam aper???
eh! link kau salah ker??ape link bebenar???

tgh guna cam henponlah nih.
tuh cam gatal ajer tangan nak amek cybershot hp with 5mp.hehehe xp