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Thursday, March 06, 2008

i've never said i'm good

bad sheeet.
these 2 days, i'm in a really bad mood...scratch that. i'm in a really foul mood.
what does shaking with anger rhymes with?
seriously, i dunt like to stay mad. give me headache.
and today is intan last day. gomen-neh, i'm sooo not in the real world.
good luck to ur future undertaking.

here's a glimpse of what we did today. tomorrow i'll story.


ف wildchild ۞ said...

waaa..banyak sungguh potrait makanan dalam blog ko..

noname said...

cont. to fa..

yup... tggal tmbh recipe jee.. then walah! a recipe blog XD

noname said...

ooh.. one more thing..

headache.. when u feel like one.. n mad too.. try to eat a chocolate bar.. small bar is enough i guess.. n i recommend u Van-Houten choco (^^)

.. it works for me every time.. kumam da chocolate.. makes u forget the headache n anger..n da bitter sweet taste.. makes pumps up da feeling (^^)

.. n then... just S.M.I.L.E (^^)

circleinspoon said...

iya.sbb itulah yg aku wat hari2 pun

heh..nak recipe cakap. aku bagih.

i never can understand van houten. lovet cadbury truckloads more ;D.

and no...choc cannot help me. too many anger bottles up, it need a release. which i already lent it out. sampai sakit tekak.heh

noname said...

araa....zannen.. XP