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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Doll cake for Delisha's 2nd birthday party

Last week (30 April 2011) merupakan birthday anak kawan aku.
Aku sempat pergi pagi tolong prep masak aje sebab tghri dah kena balik jb (partinya belah petang). But I've prepared something special for decha!

it's a doll/barbie cake ;D

base layer: chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

for the base, I've added chopped almonds and chocolate chip

before covering it with melted chocolate

2nd layer: chocolate cake again, with pink frosting

3rd layer: white cake, chocolate frosting
4th layer: chocolate cake, pink frosting

5th layer:white cake,chocolate frosting
6th layer(the top are just an assemble of extra bits of cake):chocolate cake

crumble coat and covered it all with pink frosting. cool in the fridge for a while

add the base beads for gown's design

and proceed with the rest...

finally put in the doll (this one from Daiso ;p) and start piping the bodice


ف wildchild ۞ said...

sue, birthday aku dah nak dekat dah ni.. buatkan kek comel2 camtu untuk aku eh. thanks in advance ;)

dd dudu said...

ko buat ke aya??? tere giler weh!

circleinspoon said...

kau nak kek barbie ke? cam tak sesuai aje...ahaks

first time coba..agak messy,tapi bantai sahaja